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About Stylist Seeker

With the head of an accountant and the heart of a mom whose daughter would soon be entering the exciting world of hair design, creator Wendy Brown brought this uniquely powerful site to life.  Wendy’s original goal was to help new beauty professionals like her daughter build their clientele.  While researching her idea, she discovered that even established professionals were looking for innovative ways to not only attract new customers but also retain the ones they had.  She quickly got to work building the foundation for what would eventually become, a dynamic website dedicated to connecting skilled hair, skin and nail professionals with the patrons who seek them.


Wendy is the proud mother of two daughters and makes her home in Reno, Nevada.  When she’s not busy tending to the needs of her young family, you will find her hard at work exploring new ways to improve the website.  She and her husband are also looking forward to starting a foundation that will provide financial assistance to various children’s charities.